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Procedure to purchase


For the first time
from here


If you have Opensea
Jump to here


Creating Metamask

  1. From the link below to the download page

  2. Click "Add to chrome" or "Install"

  3. Select "Add extension" or "Add extension" when the confirmation pop-up appears.

  4. Click "Get started" when a new tab displaying the fox icon appears.

  5. If you don't have MetaMask yet, click "create a wallet". If you already have it, click "import wallet"


Only you are the secret words
If you don't own it and lose it, it will be in your metamask wallet
I will not be able to access


Those who do not have Metamask

  1. Click "I Agree" on the displayed page

  2. Set a password, check the Agreement checkbox in Terms of Use, and click "create"

  3. After moving to the "Secret Recovery Phrase" page, click the gray box that says "click here to reveal secret words", save the text inside, and click "next".

  4. On the next page, click the words in the order of the secret words, and click when the "confirm" button glows blue.

  5. When the “congratulations” screen appears, the creation is complete! good job for today

Those who have Metamask

  1. Click "I Agree" on the displayed page

  2. Enter the secret recovery phrase for your metamask wallet, set a password, check the Terms of Use agreement checkbox and click "create"

  3. When the “congratulations” screen appears, the creation is complete! good job for today


Create an Opensea account with Metamask

  1. Click here → Opensea website and select MetaMask at the top from the list of "connect your wallet"

  2. A Metamask pop-up will be displayed, so make sure that the check mark is checked to the left of any MetaMask wallet, and click "Next". Click "connect" when the following screen is displayed. If a pop-up for entering the password appears, please enter the password

  3. If the screen that says "Unnamed" is displayed under the round icon, the connection with Opensea and the account creation are successful.



Send money from your wallet to Metamask
Send ETH from your wallet to Metamask, which is linked to Opensea
If you do not have a wallet yet, from ↓

CoincheckDMM BitcoinGMOコインBinance


How to purchase Takuma Tanaka's work

  1. On the special website of Professor Takuma Tanaka, tap the image of the work you are interested in. Or if you search for "Takuma Tanaka Collection" in the Opensea search bar, the work will appear,

  2. so click it

Click the blue button (Buy bundle) to go to the purchase procedure

You will be taken to the confirmation screen, so click the blue button (checkout)

When the metamask popup appears, check the amount and click the blue
button (confirm)

This completes the purchase!


If you have any questions, please contact us.


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