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What is "Behalf purchase"?


Why do I just but 
it by myself

It is a service that we would purchase AZS NFT for you

To purchase it by yourself


Exchange cash to cryptocurrency

opensea accout

crypto transaction
between wallets


Account authorization

Disclosure of 
personal information


The purchase of the NFT
for the first time could be 

Other than process that are listed on left, depend on the day and time you could spend unnecessary cost due to high gas fee

If you let us purchase


send fund 
mail with us


AZS will take care of all the process to purchase our NFT

Also we will do our best to minimize the cost by make the trade in the low gas fee 

Of course, to keep the transparency we will report all the transaction detail

Purchase flow

​Send a fund to
our bank 

Purchase NFT

Send NFT and coin

Send a fund to our bank account 

  1. Reserve the Art NFT on AZS store or send us a email to

  2. ​Sending a fund to our bank account ​​

    1. Price written on AZS store and mail we will send include gas fee that will be occur in NFT purchase and coin transaction 

  3. Few question regarding account setup 

Purchasing work (our work)

  1. Start purchasing after receiving funds

  2. Create a metamask wallet, marketplace account

  3. Redemption of deposited funds

  4. Remittance to metamask wallet

  5. Purchase works with marketplace account​

Hand over the work NFT and coins

  1. After the work is completed, we will contact you with the following information. In addition, when the delivery is completed, all information related to your metamask and opensea will be deleted from our database.

  2. metamask account information

  3. opensea account information

  4. Remittance between accounts, record of purchase of works in opensea (record on Etherscan)

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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